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Leighton & Ed for Coolpix
Ep. There Might Be Blood

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These are gorgeous!
Snagging like, all of them :D
thank you enjoy!
took a whole bunch.
Thanks enjoy them!
snagged tons! :)
These are great and I am so LOVING that Chuck/Blair pic where you got it from? #5?
Thanks so much Muneca!
you will have to scroll down and to the right.
snagging some!
enjoy them!
I'm taking a bunch!
Thank you for sharing!
Thank you for comenting!!
so gorgeous! I love the Ed/Leighton shoot.
these are stunning. ♥
thanks so much!
enjoy (:
absolutely lovely! saved a tonne of the Ed/Leighton ones. :)
thank youuu enjoy!!!
your colouring is brilliant!
thanks bb!!!